iTunes Edition of Modal Improvisation 101

This ePub and the music that accompanies it is a complete study course of basic modal improvisational concepts on the guitar. The course is conducive to both self-led or instructor-led study. The major part of this teaching product is the application of modal improvisational techniques in a very natural way, using real playing examples. With rhythm section accompaniment covering diverse feels, the music (available on CD or in iTunes) allows the aspiring improvisational guitarist to play uninterrupted lead guitar along with a rhythm section.



The music contains examples of each of the seven natural modes in turn. The student plays lead guitar with the music examples and applies the principles in the book to real musical situations. Teamed with the music, this instructional book is packed with information that builds mastery in the application of these concepts in a very useful, organic way. This innovative courseware increases freedom in playing and mastery of the entire fretboard, while establishing a foundation to understand and apply more advanced concepts of tonal organization. A framework for organization of the Tonal Colors available to the practicing creative guitarist is thereby explored. Regardless of your current skill level, the wealth of information in this course will carry you to the next level in your quest for creative guitar mastery.

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